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Jun. 24, 2024

Empir Industry Wins IT Contract for Factories in the Automotive Industry

Empir Industry wins IT contract for factories in the automotive industry, where the support team will be responsible for ensuring that production-critical IT infrastructure, systems, and applications are available 24/7. This will create 30 new jobs in central and southern Sweden.

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Jun. 08, 2024

Hjulsbro Steel chooses Empir Industry as a partner for digitizing the production.

Hjulsbro Steel has chosen Empir Industry as a partner for digitizing its plant in Linköping. In the factory, PC strands are manufactured primarily for the construction industries, as well as for mines and railways. Hjulsbro wanted to increase the degree of efficiency, quality assurance and traceability in the production process and has therefore chosen to implement Empir Industry’s MES platform.

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Apr. 25, 2024

Empir Industry collaborates with Teamster to increase the capacity of loading at Pågen’s bakery in Malmö.

At Pågen’s bakery in Malmö, capacity will increase through an investment in a completely new solution for customer order picking. Empir Industry delivers the digital part, Manufacturing Execution System, MES for the expansion of the bakery’s customer order pick together with Teamster AB, which has the overall commitment.

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