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Get full IT overview and smooth performance – without interruptions or delays!

Your production deserves an efficiency that lasts. That is why we have gathered all our specialist knowledge in a safe and flexible support service called TRUE 24/7.

It works as a function delivery where our experienced IT consultants analyze, monitor, predict, act, coordinate and support critical IT systems. Around the clock, every day of the week. True availability, simply put.

TRUE 24/7 can operate all types of applications, both those we built ourselves and those delivered by another actor. This gives you a secure reinforcement of your own IT department – with support, staffing and readiness where your own resources run out.

For all applications, databases and IT systems

TRUE 24/7 can be implemented on all types of applications, databases and systems running on Linux and Microsoft platforms. Both the systems we built ourselves and those delivered by another actor. This means that you get effective operation monitoring around the clock – on your terms.

What does your reality look like?

“I lack staffing or availability outside working hours”

Empir Industry picks up where your work day ends. Our team of experts in a function delivery staffs and offers readiness around the clock, 24/7, or 16/5 depending on the need.

“We lack the right skills and resources internally”

From experience, we know that missing skills or resources can make both the operation and the availability of the IT environment and production more difficult. Our IT consultants therefore add the right skills, tools and resources – which strengthens your own IT department.

“I feel insecure due to single competence in IT systems and applications”

Knowledge and resources are crucial, but often in short supply. Empir Industry’s function delivery creates security and adds competence so that your business never suffers from single competence, if, for example, an employee were to quit.

“Our IT system has uneven performance, disruptions or delays”

A stable and accessible IT system is essential for those who work in the manufacturing industry. A stoppage or problem can be very expensive and often has major consequences at several levels. With our TRUE 24/7 service, we can increase the performance of your system and prevent disruptions in your production as well as delays in your delivery.

“Our system provider cannot offer support when we need it”

A system provider rarely offers support outside office hours. Many times there is also no internal preparedness organization of its own. If this is the case, you can safely rely on our experienced IT consultants. They specialize in critical IT systems and are ready 24/7. Our functional service, TRUE 24/7, can be delivered for all types of applications, databases and systems – both those we built ourselves and those delivered by another supplier.

“Changes and measures in our IT environment must take place outside working hours”

We want you to avoid disruptions in your production. Therefore, planned IT work must take place outside working hours. When we deliver our TRUE 24/7 service, we carry out changes, actions and tests in connection with installations at times that do not disrupt work.

Why Empir Industry?

Industry in focus since 1999

Industry in focus since 1999

There are huge opportunities for companies in the manufacturing industry. But, without the right IT solution, it is difficult to take care of them. That is why IT for the manufacturing industry has been our core business since the start in 1999. With uniquely high IT competence and solid knowledge of production and manufacturing, we have the solutions that take your business to the next level.

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Always close to expert knowledge

Always close to expert knowledge

For us, the collaboration does not end with a delivered IT system or a delivered service. Empir Industry becomes a long-term partner who supports and gives advice for operation and further development. In our relationship, the expert knowledge of our IT consultants is always close at hand.

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With a clear goal

With a clear goal

We want to strengthen the manufacturing industry in the Nordics, and with the help of IT it is possible. By developing our products and services, we can streamline manufacturing processes and create higher availability in production.

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