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Hjulsbro Steel

Hjulsbro Steel has chosen Empir Industry as a partner for digitizing its plant in Linköping. In the factory, PC strands are manufactured primarily for the construction industries, as well as for mines and railways. Hjulsbro wanted to increase the degree of efficiency, quality assurance and traceability in the production process and has therefore chosen to implement Empir Industry’s MES platform.

MES implemented at Hjulsbro Steel in Linköping

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Empir Industry has recently implemented a complete MES application at Hjulsbro Steel’s factory on the outskirts of Linköping. Initially, there was a modern business system connected to remnants of an outdated ERP used by operators in production, along with a lot of paper handling. The goal was to create a production system that could grow and gather more important operational parameters from the process, while simplifying as much as possible for the operating personnel.

“We wanted to future-proof our production by digitizing and automating manual processes to achieve a more efficient, competitive production with smooth traceability where we can learn to become even better by analyzing data directly from the manufacturing process. We are convinced that with the help of MES from Empir, we will achieve this.”

Robin Skantze – CFO and IT Manager, Hjulsbro Steel

With the help of Empir Industry’s MES platform, a parallel digital flow was created based on the physical manufacturing process in the factory. Step by step in the flow order, the solution was launched, where operators gradually received new and better tools.
The MES platform is now fully integrated with the new business system, resulting in the production of different variants as well as the number of products being fully automated and precise throughout the flow.

Each individual product can be quality assured at each production stage, and traceability data is automatically collected that can be used for trend analysis, as well as creating the possibility to utilize AI/Machine Learning in the future to control the process even more intelligently.

The solution paves the way for modern, sustainable and profitable production, and we at Empir Industry are proud to have been entrusted as a partner to Hjulsbro Steel in this work.

“Now we scan information instead of typing it, and the staff feel that it is now easier and more positive to work. Reporting is done automatically, which means we know we have correct data to rely on.”

Joachim Törnfeldt – Quality and Environment Manager, Hjulsbro Steel

Mission: Implementation of MES platform

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