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The bearing factory

A factory in west Sweden manufactures roller bearings. Customers are in different sectors within steel manufacturing and in the paper industry. The factory plant deals with more than 1.5 million bearings a year and the process runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

”Empir Industry makes it work”

  • Production system

The hardening of bearing rings takes place on two separate lines and and the process runs in batches with a superior system that controls each process step, as well as collects measurement values ​​and monitors the operation.

– The system records all measurement data and is extremely important to us. The measurement data shows how the roundness will be after hardening, which is very important to keep track of. It also differs between different steel suppliers, says Joel Berg, production manager at the company.

The operating data is also very valuable, it shows where there may be problems or bottlenecks. For example, in this case, all the movements the robots do throughout the day are recorded.

How did operations work before Empir Industry’s inputs?

– We had an existing supervisory system that was in operation, but it was basically unusable for monitoring operational follow-up and for measurement data. Furthermore, the system was unstable and based on an aging software platform.

What positive effects have you seen with the new production system?

– We now have a system that works and we also got a professional partner who takes us seriously and has expertis in production systems. With our new system we get very valuable data that we use on a daily basis. What Empir Industry does works. Unfortunately, I have seen many other examples over the years that did not work, says Joel Berg.

Mission Development of a new production system

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