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Our digital needs analysis lays the foundation for your production optimization

How far has your company come in the digitization journey? Some are in full swing, others want to get started. Wherever you are, we offer the help you need to ensure a smarter production flow, faster decision-making and smoother cost control. As specialists, we have experience that allows us to ask the right questions. We have packaged this in the TRUE Insight service. With it we can:

  • Work with all IT within the factory walls, infrastructure, systems, architecture and installation.
  • Deliver a complete roadmap for digitizing the production process.

The first step is TRUE INSIGHT – our digital needs analysis for production

It is based on your current digitization level, which we compare with the level we believe is optimal for your factory. The focus is on collecting facts, data and opinions from a representative selection of different roles in the organization, which are affected in one way or another by digitization efforts. The collected material is compiled, analyzed and you then receive a clear report that gives you:

  • A correct basis for decisions and conditions for control and predictability.
  • An understanding of the current situation and future opportunities, as well as the gap in between.
  • Recommendations on how to bridge the gap through various digital solutions.

Take the first step towards customized solutions – let us conduct a needs analysis!

Therefore, TRUE Insight is important for your factory because:

  • By gathering input from a broad base, engagement can be created across all levels of management, which is a prerequisite for effective digitalization.
  • Performing an effective digital transformation or implementation requires both expertise in the business and digital competence. That combination exists when we do this together.
  • The survey also gives you the opportunity to first obtain information on which efforts need to be made first and why. This makes it easier for you to quickly make correct optimization decisions.

You also receive:

  • Very good basis for the need for digital transformation, which increases the conditions for integrating digital change into the business vision and strategy. True accuracy, simply put.
  • Deep insight from many implementations and change efforts. But also part of our know-how about the industry as well as knowledge about technology and its applications.
  • Procurement competence for potential acquisition of digitalization solutions.
  • Opportunities for improvements and streamlining of the current operations – but also opportunities to create new customer value.


Our digital needs analysis, TRUE Insight, is intended to provide you with concrete recommendations for digitizing your production and forecasting expected effects.


We want to blend our expertise in digitalization with your in-depth knowledge of your organization – so that together we can create proposals for areas with potential for digital transformation.


The more tailored your solution is, the greater benefit it holds for your factory. Therefore, our mapping service exists. But we can carefully explore and identify your unique needs, and then meet them in the best possible way.

Digital forms

We start by having selected individuals in the organization respond to a digital form, which then leads to an oral interview. The goal is to map and describe the current situation with production, system support, basic organization, etc.

Oral interview

Thanks to the answers we’ve received from the digital questionnaire, the questions asked in this oral part can be effectively tailored to your specific conditions. Therefore, a series of specific questions with high relevance are asked here, with a focus on creating a flexible dialogue with nuanced answers.

In the oral part, we focus more on attitudes and broad perspectives, as well as decision-making processes and organization. The questions in this part will also be more tailored to the interviewee’s department or area. At the same time, we want to get an understanding of how the interviewees perceive other departments or areas. Therefore, the focus is also on asking questions that provide an outside-in perspective.

Financial evaluation ROI

Financial evaluation ROI
What may seem like a high price tag when it comes to investments in digitalization efforts often turns out to be low when considering the impact and consequences. This is something we have learned from a large number of implementations in various companies and industries over 20 years. We want to provide you with the best possible conditions to obtain the best possible basis for investment assessment. Therefore, we will further present:
– figures that we have seen in other companies’ implementations.
– facts from research and surveys.

In case of uncertainty, we mention the lowest estimate. The investment assessment of digitalization is complex, as it both influences and is influenced by many areas of the business. You will be able to see this in the result.

The result of your in-depth needs analysis – in five steps:

1. Compilation

When all questionnaires and oral interviews are completed, it’s time to compile all the answers we’ve received.

2. Analysis

We merge the gathered insights with our digitalization expertise. This gives us an overview that clarifies which solutions will have the quickest impact, what the effects will be, and what results we can expect when we act in a certain way.

3. Prioritization

We then create recommendations prioritizing which efforts should take place for each area or function. Furthermore, we present a recommendation on a timeline with actions. Our recommendation is that you always start with an analysis of the degree of digitalization. We have seen that it is a strongly contributing factor to companies getting things right from the start and avoiding costly mistakes and delays.

4. Presentation

Now we come to you and present our results and recommendations. We are on-site, and are always open for discussions and answering any possible questions.

5. Report

All conclusions and all collected material are compiled and presented in a comprehensive and independent report. Thus, the project result is available to more people in your organization and can become an important part of the future strategic work for your customized digitalization.

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