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Reliable and profitable production requires full monitoring and control

It should be easy to feel safe both in daily operations and in the event of an emergency incident. That’s why our service TRUE Factory Support exists. Here, our IT consultants take care of all IT equipment in your production environment, with preventive maintenance and experienced IT support. TRUE Factory Support gives you:

  • Total overview of the IT environment linked to your production.
  • Smooth performance – without interference or lag.
  • Experienced handling troubleshooting, deployment and critical actions.
  • Safe access to competent staffing and readiness during working hours.

You simply get the right support at the right time, with coordinating and experienced resources – always close at hand. True control, simply put.

Daily operation, maintenance and incident management

Our service TRUE Factory Support naturally includes daily operation – but also preventive maintenance. This means that you can easily act proactively and effectively put an end to problems before they arise. In addition, we keep current documents updated to facilitate future efforts.

In the event of any incidents, our IT specialists handle troubleshooting as well as distribution of the case and measures. When the case is closed, we report back to you, with clear and constructive information. We at Empir Industry can also take responsibility for configuration, optimization, replacement, upgrading and patch management.

Here you can see a selection of equipment that is managed within Factory Support:

  • Production PC
  • Barcode scanner
  • RFID equipment
  • Thin clients
  • Handheld computers
  • Industrial cameras
  • Truck PC
  • Laser and label printers
  • Industrial PC.

What does everyday life look like in your factory?

Why Empir Industry?

Industry in focus since 1999

Industry in focus since 1999

There are huge opportunities for companies in the manufacturing industry. But, without the right IT solution, it is difficult to take care of them. That is why IT for the manufacturing industry has been our core business since the start in 1999. With uniquely high IT competence and solid knowledge of production and manufacturing, we have the solutions that take your business to the next level.

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Always close to expert knowledge

Always close to expert knowledge

For us, the collaboration does not end with a delivered IT system or a delivered service. Empir Industry becomes a long-term partner who supports and gives advice for operation and further development. In our relationship, the expert knowledge of our IT consultants is always close at hand.

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With a clear goal

With a clear goal

We want to strengthen the manufacturing industry in the Nordics, and with the help of IT it is possible. By developing our products and services, we can streamline manufacturing processes and create higher availability in production.

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