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Efficient logistics without interruption – 24/7

Our service TRUE Hosting is a complete concept for a modern logistics operation. It is tailored to take care of all your IT hosting, network infrastructure and IT operations. But also your applications and monitoring services – with support around the clock, regardless of physical location worldwide.

With TRUE Hosting, you take a huge step in the right direction towards a competitively efficient and productive supply chain – with full traceability and fast lead time between order and delivery. All thanks to a complete and automated system landscape that is managed and runs 24/7, without disruption. True greatness, simply put.

A logistical all-in-one solution

What is unique about TRUE Hosting is that we have gathered and created synergies between all our expertise and all our services aimed at logistics and supply chain operations. TRUE Hosting is therefore aimed at:

  • Global multinational corporations (MNCs).
  • E-commerce company with high growth.
  • Frontline third-party logistics company (3PL), in both B2B and B2C areas.

Component-based – with needs-based consumption

TRUE Hosting is 100% component-based, follows the “everything as a service” trend and is sold as a complete service “on tap” – where you pay for all services monthly, if desired.

The service also includes implementation projects that are financed during the contract period, which reduces the threshold for investments. Alternatively, you can pay according to the traditional model – per component, service area or phase.

Complete life cycle – from A to Z

  1. We start with a preliminary study, where estimation and analysis take place.
  2. Then it’s time for high-level design, which gives us a complete picture of all hardware needs, software needs, and delivery patterns.
  3. This is followed by phased project with initiation, design, construction, preparation and commissioning before formal ‘go-live’ takes place.
  4. Now it’s time to start operations – initially with calibration of service agreements and leveling of operations and services. TRUE Hosting also takes full responsibility for the lifecycle management in the long term.

A safe partnership – together we reach your goals!

With the help of workshops, meetings and seminars, we ensure an active dialogue, both at the management level and at the operational level. This creates a win-win situation where the TRUE Hosting concept, you as a customer and the ecosystem of providers feed each other with experience and input for future development. In other words, we at Empir Industry don’t just want to be your supplier – we want to be your profitable support. True partnership, simply put.

Full integration – ready to scale!

Our TRUE Hosting service meets the core needs of the warehouse and supply chain, and can be combined and integrated with needs in other areas. For example:

  • Implementation of digital signage solutions.
  • MES and WMS systems.
  • Data visualization.
  • Business intelligence
  • Integration development towards other systems.

TRUE Hosting – a results-oriented concept rooted in real business needs

Technical foundation for business-driven scalability

The foundation of TRUE Hosting is focused on a technical level which is thus connected to the daily business operations and focus areas at C-level. This is to scale and optimize the business in the long term. In many customer cases, there are seasonal aspects to design against – for example, seasonal sales, Black Week and different kinds of promotions. But also capacity expansion and normal maintenance activities.

TRUE Hosting creates financial savings

Our TRUE Hosting concept is 100% data-driven, which gives you the opportunity to scale systems up and down based on needs. The result? Real financial savings. Especially when compared to normal “design for peaks”. There, the systems are kept at too high a level throughout the year, and the same applies to the costs.

What does your reality look like?

“Our business suffers from production problems and interruptions”

TRUE Hosting is accompanied by a dedicated and knowledgeable team (domain/technical) as well as a knowledge base from similar cases. This allows us to proactively counter potential problems and outages. Here we have a particular focus on IT security with layered security measures – implemented in production, office and guest areas.

“Our support is spread over several actors”

Empir Industry acts as a SPOC (Single Point of Contact). Around the clock, every day of the week, for all IT support needs – regardless of system, component, area or users involved. We capture all issues in the ITSM system and drive them for resolution across the vendor ecosystem. The ecosystem extends from pure IT suppliers in various system areas to facility-related parties and the customer’s own organization.

“IT investments are perceived as large and are often de-prioritized”

We help you realize the future value in your warehouse and logistics operations. An old myth is that IT is expensive and a non-core asset. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today, everything can be purchased as a service for a fixed monthly fee, including solution delivery and implementation. Second, digital solutions and IT should be treated as an integral part of all business management discussions. This is so that your factory can take full advantage of new technology and efficient production possibilities (Industry 4.0), but also a more agile approach to a dynamic and difficult-to-predict market.

“I have no overview of my system landscape”

We are experienced and happy to help map all IT systems and assets in your ITSM system. This provides a complete overview of the landscape and is also at the heart of all incident and change management. TRUE Hosting provides this view at the warehouse, but can also be easily scaled out to handle the rest of the enterprise.

“We lack data when making decisions”

Everything we do is rooted in data. From go-live onwards, we are 100% data-driven and bring you into the dialogue that is driven by data and our analysis. This is done at a technical level as well as operational and management’s strategic level. Data is a good set of tools when it comes to new location establishment as well as scaling up an existing inventory.

Full traceability and fast lead time between order and delivery – the advantages of TRUE Hosting are many!

Automated IT infrastructure and support

TRUE Hosting solves your logistical needs for automated IT infrastructure and acts as a stable support for business-critical logistics operations around the clock. This means a data-driven approach through monitoring, system management, distribution and release management throughout the system landscape. The result? A cost-effective operation.

Tailored for high automation and productivity based on business needs

TRUE Hosting serves as an engineered implementation and service concept for highly automated warehouse solutions, such as Autostore and workforce productivity solutions (pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, etc). This with virtual servers – either on-site, in private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud combination based on data and latency requirements.

The right technology and active lifecycle management

TRUE Hosting benefits from both today’s and tomorrow’s technology where all components are classified in “emerging” or “core state”. Migrations occur in a controlled manner provided successful testing demonstrates reliability and real business value. Active lifecycle management provides a secure landscape at all times.

Handpicked supplier ecosystem

TRUE Hosting includes an ecosystem of hand-picked suppliers for a complete IT supply chain – from start to finish, with great competence in logistics production and with the ability to solve the most complex tasks under pressure, around the clock.

Short time to market

TRUE Hosting is pre-engineered and meets the needs of general customers to 60-70% right from the start. In this way, the time to market is shortened considerably. In the early phases, the specific customer requirements are captured and the solution is dimensioned.

Greenfield projects and parallel IT implementation

Most often, the establishment of new warehouses is carried out sequentially: first the building is built, then systems are implemented in the warehouse. Instead, we build the complete infrastructure outside the premises and test all functionality before delivery. This means that the physical implementation time, from the building completion, can be kept to a minimum and as low as just two weeks. This also reduces the risk of theft of IT equipment on ongoing construction sites.

Turnkey solution – as a service

With TRUE Hosting, you can get a complete and turnkey solution through a fully packaged financial service – from start to finish – with a monthly fee and no CAPEX. Our services include feasibility study, design, delivery, implementation, training, testing, go-live, operation, support and calibration/optimization/scaling.

Why Empir Industry?

Industry in focus since 1999

Industry in focus since 1999

Since the start in 1999, IT for the manufacturing industry has been our core business. Our high competence in IT combined with deep knowledge of production and manufacturing makes us unique. With our long experience, we are ready to take you to the next level of smart solutions and efficiency.

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Always close to expert knowledge

Always close to expert knowledge

For us, the collaboration does not end with a delivered IT system or a delivered service. Empir Industry becomes a long-term partner who supports and gives advice for operation and further development. In our relationship, the expert knowledge of our IT consultants is always close at hand.

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With a clear goal

With a clear goal

We have the goal of using IT to increase our customers’ competitiveness and thus be able to maintain the manufacturing industry in the Nordics. We develop our products and services to streamline manufacturing processes and create higher availability in production.

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