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Empir Industry is a Great Place to Work

An IT company’s employees are its greatest asset. So our new Great Place to Work certification is as important as it is gratifying.

Empir Industry is a Great Place to Work

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– It’s brilliant that we have won this award. This is part of our commitment to our staff – our most important factor for success in the future, says Daniel Johansson, CEO of Empir Industry.

Empir Industry has been certified to an international standard and is a workplace where employees feel secure, proud and where they thrive. Empir Industry is also a workplace that achieves organisational goals, and has employees who do their very best and work as a team.

Survey and audit

Evaluation consists of two components, an employee survey to which everyone had to respond, and a culture audit undertaken by the management team. The result of these resulted in the Great Place to Work award, evidence of a good workplace environment and culture.

Work continues

– We can stand a little taller now we have been certified as a Great Place to Work 2019, an achievement we have brought about together. First we will celebrate a little and then of course work will continue. We have a number of areas of focus which we will continue to work to improve for the remainder of the year, says Mikael Hedlund, Consultant Manager at Empir Industry.

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